What Does Your Tees Say About You?

What Does Your Tees Say About You?

The Creators / Graphic Tees

Creators are most likely to find success using their imagination and creativity. They are typical designers, decorators, painters, among others. Artistic types tend to be authentic and nonconformist. The world is so much more fun with them. Graphic T-shirts are the ones for you.

The Realist / Sporty Tees

People who are practical and like manual labor, the realist enjoys working with tools and in the open air. They perceive the world through their senses and feel more comfortable with what they can see and touch rather than with abstract ideas or theories. Your perfect T-shirt should be a sporty tee.

The Thinkers / Geeky Tees

Unlike the Realist, Thinkers feel more at ease with the world of ideas, research, and possibilities. These are the scientists, philosophers, and writers. As they tend to be introspective, they prefer to be solo. Teamwork is not necessary for them and might sometimes even be a hindrance. Yours is a geeky T-shirt!

The Social / Message Tees

Many tend to think that they are extroverted beings who enjoy being surrounded by close ones all the time, but this is not necessarily true. Social types can be very introverted and have a handful of friends. What truly defines them is the genuine and deep interest for the wellbeing of other people. Thanks to their empathetic abilities, they are well suited for careers like nursing, teaching, and counselling. Your matched T-shirt is a message one!

The Persuaders / Logo Tees

Persuaders are the politicians and entrepreneurs of society. They are ambitious and always have on their mind the path of how to reach their goal. Being leaders by nature, enterprising types can manage teams and are good at spotting the talent in others. What are you waiting for to wear a logo T-shirt?

The Organizers / Plain Tees

Conventional types have an inborn talent for keeping tabs on things. They are the fact-checkers, the accountants, and the cashiers of the team. The office would be a messier place without them. Organizers might be interested in careers in the financial, mathematical, or administrative fields. Plain T-shirts are perfect for you.



There are no types that are better or worse, classifying people into only six categories is way too simplistic. As human beings, we are much more complicated than that; personalities are composed of way too many variables. This is only meant as a guide.

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